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Road Tolls in Portugal

Road Tolls in Portugal


There are two main types of toll collection for roads in Portugal; Via Verde lanes mainly on the older roads in town centres and Electronic Toll roads. At the toll points on the older roads, to use a lane signed as Via Verde at a toll point, you must have a prepaid transponder that is debited as you pass though a toll point. It is also possible to pay via cash, prepaid cards or credit card in designated lanes.

Newer sections of road use Electronic Tolls. These toll points do not allow for manual payment and require a transponder. In the case that you do not have a transponder and the car is Portuguese registered, tolls can only be paid 48 hours after you pass through a toll point.  The fee must be settled within 5 working days at the Post office or at a Payshop. In non Portuguese registered vehicles, transponders or prepaid passes can be purchased  from Post Office stores, there is a Post Office at Lisbon and Faro airport and at many border points there are transponder vending machines.

Easy Toll and Toll Card can also be used  to manage toll road charges. Easy Toll is available at border crossings into Portugal or near a former SCUT motorway. Machines are available for users to pay tolls and staff can provide information. The Easy Toll system enables drivers of foreign registered vehicles to associate their number plate to a bank card for up to one month. Toll charges will be debited directly from their account. Toll Card, is a method whereby users can buy a card that is prepaid with 5, 10, 20 or 40 euros, and can be activated and linked to a vehicle license number by sending a text message. Toll cards can be bought online, at post offices and motorway services stations.